Annual Pledge & Per Capita

Each year we commence with our Stewardship Campaign, typically in October. Our annual budget is slightly greater than $1.15M and we need to match our expenses with sufficient income as wise stewards of your gifts. The majority of our annual expenses are fixed. We currently have 14 employees with salaries and benefits. There are many office expenses with equipment, supplies, paper, postage, telephone, and more. Our beautiful campus requires insurance, maintenance, utilities, repairs, and improvements. Mission ministry, outreach, spiritual life and growth, Deacon Ministry, Health Ministry, contingency and reserve funds comprise other elements of our expenses. All members and friends are invited to provide an estimate of giving to help us plan our cash flow.

In addition, we ask for an additional contribution for Per Capita. Per Capita is a set amount of money (apportionment) per member that congregations pay to the larger Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It is a Presbyterian Covenant Community Fund - part of the glue that holds Presbyterians together. Because every Presbyterian shares in the benefit of the PC(USA)’s system of government, the expenses associated with coordinating and performing the functions of that system should be shared by everyone as well. The Per Capita amount per individual member in 2022 is $40.50 ($81.00 /couple).  All members are invited to contribute Per Capita as an additional amount above and beyond the estimate of giving for the annual Stewardship Campaign.

Read this Stewardship letter from Pastor Jim

Click the following links for printable 2022 Stewardship documents.

2022 Stewardship Campaign Commitment Card

2022 Stewardship Campaign Instructions for Completing the Commitment Card

2022 Stewardship Campaign Brochure

Capital Campaign

40 Years of Service – Preparing for More

This Fall, 2020, we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Desert Palms Presbyterian Church. As we celebrate the past 40 years, we also need to prepare the way for the next 40 years and beyond. God has so blessed our church and our Mission, and we want to continue to provide service to our community, to our members and to do the work of the Lord throughout the world for many years into the future. 

During the past 40 years, our church has served as a place of worship, a place of learning, a place for meetings and weddings and many other functions – all of which have taken a toll on our facilities. Like us, our church gets older each year and it too starts to show its age. Like our individual homes, church facilities need to be maintained and periodically need to be updated. 

Last year our church leadership asked the Property & Technology Committee to take a detailed look at our church property to determine its condition and identify areas requiring improvement.  Upon completion of this task, the Property & Technology Committee developed a ten-year projection of future Capital Projects. This plan was presented at our Congregation Meeting in January 2020 and members present overwhelmingly favored a Capital Campaign for funding such projects. In February, the Session authorized the Financial Affairs Committee to conduct a Capital Campaign to raise money to cover these future capital needs. 

This brochure lists the Capital Project needs of our church for the next three years. Members are asked to make a commitment, payable over the same three years, to provide funds for these projects.  With several options contained on the attached Commitment Card, you can donate weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or any other way you want. We are requesting that you estimate the 3-year total and how you intend to donate so we can properly time project spending. All Contributions will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, from our General Endowment Fund. Therefore, if you donate $100 per month, your $1,200 per year provides support for $2,400 in projects each year. 

The launch of the Capital Campaign was originally scheduled for the end of March, 2020.  Due to the Covid-19 virus, the church closed to in-person activities and we decided to place the campaign on hold. However, the needs identified in the capital project plan are entirely necessary, and many just can’t be deferred any longer. Our plans were to avoid asking for funding by individual project and instead, ask for a commitment for the three-year list of projects. We have moved forward with individual projects but feel it is frustrating to continually ask for individual project contributions. Therefore, we are now asking for a funding commitment for the three-year list of projects.  

We have no way of knowing when we will open the church again to in-person worship services so this campaign will be done remotely.  We will distribute the background materials and commitment cards electronically via email, via our website, and will mail information to those without a computer or printer. For those of you who have already made contributions toward individual projects, those previously received funds will be automatically credited to your individual commitments.

You will be able to mail your commitment card to the church, email via our website, or drop off in the mail slot of the church office door. The needs are great, and we are asking for your financial help.  May you focus upon Jesus to provide you guidance with your response. Thank you for your continued support, Finance Committee.

Read this letter from Pastor Jim

Click the following links for printable 2020 Capital Campaign documents.

2020 Capital Campaign Commitment Card

2020 Capital Campaign Instructions for completing the Commitment Card

2020 Capital Campaign Brochure , 2020 Prioritized Projects_Updated 10/31/2020

Capital Campaign Project Update; 10/31/2020

March 30 Called Congregational Meeting Update; 3/30/2021

June 2021 Capital Campaign Project Update

Investments & Endowments - Option 1

The Investment and Endowment Fund was established to encourage gifts by individuals or organizations to further advance the Kingdom of God through Desert Palms Presbyterian Church by the giving of their resources of gifts, devises, bequests, and annuities to support long term objectives and goals as established by the Financial Affairs Committee and approved by the Session. The principal gifts, devises, bequests, and annuities shall be held in the General Endowment Fund for the benefit of Desert Palms Presbyterian Church unless the terms of such gifts are made for a specific purpose and requires that they be held, distributed, and used in accordance with the Donor’s intent.

Desert Palms Presbyterian Church currently has nearly 100 designated funds containing monies donated for a specific purpose. Examples include Scholarship, exterior electronic sign, Memorial Gardens, Music programs, multiple Mission categories, multiple categories to support our property, exercise program, ABS, and lots more. We also maintain a Wish List of items we wished we had the money to purchase. Wish List items are typically $2,000 or less in cost.

A donor and the Session may designate that a gift, devise, bequest, or annuity be retained permanently and only the income used for specific purposes, and may also designate specific purposes and schedules for distribution of principal as well as income. Monies are received as Memorials, from birthday/anniversary contributions, from estates, or from generous donations toward a cause or intent close to the heart of the donor. The Finance Committee has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the donated funds per the request of the donor.

As part of your own financial planning, please consider distributing a portion of your estate to Desert Palms Presbyterian Church.

Please contact the church office for additional information on making a gift.

Endowments are invested and professionally managed by Vanguard Funds.

Investments & Endowments - Option 2

The purpose of our Endowment Program is to help members ensure that our church will sustain its mission and ministries. The goal of the Program is to provide donors with a vehicle to support either existing programs or new opportunities beyond their lifetimes. Depending on the wishes of donors, funds can be

designated for existing projects or for uses approved by the Session. Funds can be set up so that the principal will be secure and only a portion of the income used for designated projects.

Endowment Program funds are managed by the Endowment Committee. At present we have thirteen Endowment Funds, the primary being:

  • General Fund
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Birthday & Anniversary Fund
  • Congregational Nurse Fund
  • Mission

We extend an invitation to you to add your support to existing funds through a bequest or planned gift arrangement or to create new funds according to your particular interests.

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