Sarah Circle Close Up

Sarah Circle Close Up

Sarah Circle meets in member homes on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:30 a.m., September - May, to share active support and caring for each other.  They take turns leading the bible study discussion, devotions, and hosting. Many of the members have been with Sarah Circle for years but they always have open arms to new members and have found the three new members this year fit into the group as if they have always been there.  

Sarah Circle All


Sarah Circle is very excited about their new project in 2017 to sponsor a young girl, Vanessa, in Uganda, Africa through Prepare The Way Ministry.  Dodie Weiland joined Sarah Circle at their December meeting to provide pictures and videos of Vanessa and the King's Kids Learning Center where she attends school. 

Sarah Circle 2017 Christmas

In the picture below, you see Vanessa with a special "Jesus" necklace and touching letter from her "Grandmothers in Sarah Circle", that was sent with Dodie when she visited Vanessa in Africa in October. Sarah Circle also sent a package to Vanessa at Christmas and continues to pray for and support Vanessa's Christian education, personal safety and full potential. 


If you are interested in visiting or joining Sarah Circle you are encouraged to contact either of their co-leaders, Ruth Friesenborg or Francis Palsma.  Or say "hello" to them at the PW Tea, Saturday, March 10th, where they are usually the only circle to decorate two coordinated tables! 


Last Published: January 5, 2018 2:35 PM
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