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Circle Meetings: Join a circle for Bible Study, Fellowship and Fun. Pick a time and day that works for you! All women are welcome!

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April 2019 PW Circle Meetings


All PW Circles welcome visitors and new members. Just call one of the hostesses listed below if you would like to join in this month.


Meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, May 9,Conference Room, at 9:30 a.m.



Meets the 2nd Monday of the month, May 13 in Fellowship Hall, Room B at 9:00 a.m. 



Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month, May 8, in the Conference Room at 7:00 p.m.



Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month, May 8 , in the Fellowship Hall, Room A. Hostess is Lauretta Peters.   Brown bag at noon with the lesson beginning at 1 p.m.



Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month, May 8 in Fellowship Hall, Room B, at 9:30 a.m.



Meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, May 8, at the home of Sandy Wamuth at 7:00 p.m.



Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month, but will meet on Friday, May 10, at the home of Carol Mest at  9:00 a.m.



Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month will NOT be meeting.



Meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month will NOT be meeting.




Did you think you needed to be personally invited to join a particular circle? That is not how we operate as Presbyterian Women at Desert Palms.

Please review the PW Overview Brochure or listing of circles each month in The Palms to consider a circle or two who meets on a day of the week and time that is convenient for you. You can call the co-leaders to talk to them and visit one or more to see if the circle is a good fit for your needs. We love to have visitors and know that you may want to visit more than one circle before deciding to join on a regular basis. 

Why join a circle?  Our circle members tell us that the fellowship, love, caring and support as a member of a circle cannot be matched regardless of the size. Some circles however, are smaller intimate groups meeting in homes and others meet at the church focusing on expanding relationships. While all our circles do the same Bible study, they differ in the amount of time spent on the study and order of discussions.

All circles are open to new members so we invite you to reach out to any that you would like to visit.

Most circles are concluding their meetings in May but not all so please note the information in the brochure. We like to get new members and contact corrections of circle members in the Spring for updates to our 2019 -2020 Yearbook that will be published over the summer. We want to remind all Women that they are welcome to attend the PW Activities even if they are not circle or church members. 



Last Published: April 27, 2019 9:57 AM
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