Get to Know the PW Circles of Ruth and Naomi
Ruth and Naomi Circles

Ruth and Naomi Circles


ruth circle

Ruth Circle: Is at Grandview Terrace and was formed to facilitate those who want to be a part of a circle but are unable to travel to do so. Joyce Turner saw the need for the formation of this circle and it now continues with Bonnie Ward and Lois Becker co-leading meetings on the second Tuesday at 1:30 in Bonnie's apartment (B102).

In addition to lessons being taught by circle members other leaders such as Emily Hook and Robin McFarland have come to visit and contribute to their study. Two of the current members are not Grandview residents and Ruth Circle is happy to welcome new members to their group from any location. 

Naomi circle

Naomi Circle: Step into room B in Fellowship Hall on the second Wednesday of the month about 9 a.m.,  and you will be greeted with a cup of coffee and lots of chatter.

Naomi Circle begins with a Bible study at 9:30 a.m., but members try to be there a little early in order to enjoy visiting with everyone. The Bible study, led by a volunteer, is the heart and soul of the morning.

Lively discussions and good ideas from the leader make for a real learning experience. Snacks are served, business is conducted and the meeting is closed around 11:30 a.m.

Naomi Circle began in 1988 but took the biblical name of "Naomi" in 1991 when other circles were formed.

Naomi Shankland was the first leader. This circle has changed over the years but has remained a loving, welcoming group.

They meet September through May and welcome all to please come and join them. Nancy Ramey and Jan Ettele are also members but not shown in this picture




Last Published: April 7, 2017 7:43 PM
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