August 2-5,Study Books 2018

Faiqa Babar-1    Jennifer Mushtaq-1

Salomi         Sehrish Saleem-1

Meet your PW PEB Day Scholarship Students

Presbyterian Women is excited to announce that donations received through our invitation to PEB ( Presbyterian Board of Education in Pakistan) at our January Mission Luncheon has raised $1,643 that will be used to provide tuition assistance for four girls to attend day school for the next year.  These four girls are pictured below and include: Sehrish, Faiga, Jennifer and Salomi.  Please join all of the DPPC PW organization in praying for the safety and success of these young women.

Scholarship students were identified by PEB as deserving and capable students who will greatly benefit from financial support to supplement the small parental contributions to school fees.  While PEB has determined that it is in the best interests of students and donors to have no direct communication, we can expect to receive a thank you note and updated picture of our sponsored students in October of each year.

Our thank you to all at DPPC  who donated to help us help God's children in Pakistan through the Presbyterian Education Board.  



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