New Web Page!
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New Web Page!

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, DPPC had started preparing for video streaming from the sanctuary. The new sound system not only provided us with much needed improvements, but also a significant number of enhancement opportunities. The sound system was becoming stable and it was nearly time to begin exploring the next step which was the video streaming opportunity - when COVID-19 threatened to curtail worship services. And then a week later that was a reality.

The Sound team quickly launched the video streaming process which was originally intended to take three months, in only two weeks. Yes, there were a number if issues when moving so quickly, but an outstanding job was done. One of the first steps was that we needed to upgrade our web site as it was at least five generations behind. Once that was completed we not only could move forward with completing the work on video streaming, but could also explore other modules available to us on our web site.

An initiative was also launched to redesign our web site to be more user friendly and powerful. You will continue to see the same capabilities of streaming, viewing past sermons, researching our activities, and even expanding functions. We are launching that web site soon with several new capabilities. Not only is the look and feel different with bold colors and icons. But there are two new capabilities worth mentioning as well.

The first is ACCESS which is a self serve module that allows you to establish your own user name/password and access your personal data on the church software.  You now have the ability to view and maintain your personal data for address, phone numbers, email, contributions and more. We have elected to eliminate the printing of quarterly giving statements to save on paper, postage and most importantly on time. We will continue to mail the standard end of year statements for your tax records. But during the year you can view every contribution you have made and confirm that it was applied according to your wishes. If you need a paper copy prior to the end of year statements, please email the office at

The second is online giving. You now have the ability to donate to the church electronically via the new website.  There is a “give here” icon that takes you to an external, secure web site designed specifically for church giving.   That web site is very secure, allows giving via credit card and also via eChecks. There is a credit card discount fee assessed of 3%, so you will be given the opportunity to also contribute the additional discount amount on your transaction. You will receive an email confirmation of your transaction as an audit. You will be allowed to make a one-time or scheduled amount.   There is a drop down menu that allows you to designate your funds to Operations, Per Capita, Mission, Capital Campaign and more. And a memo line for you to be even more specific on how you want us to apply your funds. You could also include your envelope number on your transaction.

It is amazing that God has blessed us so fully during our shelter at home time period. Our church staff has been so active working to make these improvements!!!! So much good is being accomplished during this pandemic.  And now we have entered into a modern electronic process that allows you access from anywhere at any time.  

Thank you for your faithful and continued support of Desert Palms Presbyterian Church.

Last Published: May 23, 2020 12:19 AM
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