Hearing & Aging 101 Education Series
Mondays, July 29 & August 26 Wednesday, September 25, 11 AM - 1 PM


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Hearing and Aging 101 Education Series


Mondays, July 29 and August 26 and Wednesday, September

11 a.m. – 1 p.m. - Fellowship Hall Room A Complimentary

              Sign up at DPPC Front Desk or at the Health Ministry Info Table on Sundays

Presented by Dan Hewson, MSN in Audiology

Dan has lived with hearing loss since he was 4 years old so understands the challenges of living with hearing loss. He believes that hearing is a vital sense which plays a significant role in your quality of life and that hearing loss affects everyone uniquely. 

Plan to attend one or all three of these presentations …begin your journey to significantly enhance your quality of life through learning more about better hearing.

Monday July 29

Dementia and Hearing Loss - Unspoken Truths that You Need to Know

Up to 40 % of the reason we develop dementia is from hearing loss. We need to understand the difference between the two but we also need to understand the correlation of both of them. The sooner we learn about how our brain and our ears are connected the better so we can develop a plan of action. Our focus is to educate people on why they need to know about these problems now and not waiting as waiting leads to bigger issues that we could have prevented.


Monday August 26

Everything that You Need to Know about

Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids


There are so many options out there. It is confusing to know what a person needs to know about restoring their hearing. We will discuss what you need to know and what you don't know. Wearing hearing aids is a wonderful experience if done correctly and we will discuss the top 5 things that you need to know to ensure this is done properly.

Wednesday, September 25

Balance Challenges: A Real Fear of Falling

 What You Can Do about This

Feeling Lightheaded, Vertigo or any Balance issues? Afraid of falling or that you are a Fall Risk?!

We are going to discuss how balance and ears are related and what can be done to help people feel more centered. This is focused on educating about what we can do to be safer. The more we know about this the more we can prevent falls as we get older.



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