Immerse Bible Reading Experience
Small Study Group. Summer or fall. Contact Cathy Crelin to join a group.

Immerse Bible Reading Experience

Immerse Bible Reading


Immerse Bible Reading Groups Being Formed

We’ve been so excited these past few months to begin the Immerse Bible reading plan at Desert Palms, which provides a template to guide us through reading the entire Scriptures over a three year span (or faster if individual small groups choose to take shorter breaks between books). Now, as we begin to see the return of our snowbirds, we are eagerly anticipating beginning additional small groups so more (hopefully most!) of our congregation can begin this exciting process of delving into God’s Word together.  Ideally these groups will have between ten to twelve members to allow and encourage discussion. The typical plan is to read each one of the six books over eight weeks, but each reading session can be stretched out over sixteen weeks if a small group chooses to do so.

To expedite the formation of these new small groups (and perhaps add participants to some of our existing groups), we will be having a sign-up session on Sunday, September 22, in the Fellowship Hall after the worship service.

So before September 22, here is what you need to be considering:

* What day and time will be most convenient for you to meet in a small group for eight weeks?

* Which book do you want to read (first)?  It is highly recommended to begin reading “Messiah” but it is also possible to first be in a group reading “Beginnings” and then read “Messiah” at the end of all the books.

* Can you serve as a host/facilitator?  This is no way means you are necessarily the most familiar with the material, but that you will arrange a meeting place for your group (either in your home or at church) and keep the conversation moving.  NO ONE is expected to have all the answers - the purpose of reading is to be more knowledgeable about the Scriptures than we were before.  We won’t have all the answers but can seek help with the particularly tough questions from Pastor Jim, who is very willing to visit small groups and tackle difficult topics.  Having enough hosts is absolutely necessary for this to work, so PLEASE volunteer if you are able.

If you have not yet purchased a set of the Immerse Bibles, they are available in the Church Office for $30 (it is very likely that the price might increase in the near future).  If you cannot attend the signup on September 22, please email Cathy Crelin  with your information or any questions.  We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the sign-up!

--Cathy Crelin


To learn more about the Immerse Bible Reading Experience read below.

Immerse Bible Reading Experience!


We are in the process of reading the Scriptures and discussing them in small groups. Small groups of 4 to 12 participants are forming this Summer and more will form this Fall. Each group will follow the reading plan for either an 8-week or 16-week experience. The program suggests an 8-week reading plan but for those who need more time to read a 16-week plan is offered.


The Bible has six volumes beginning with Messiah, the first volume we are reading together. If you are not already in a group but would like to join one please contact Cathy Crelin at Please include your name, Summer or Fall start, day of the week you prefer to meet with a small group and whether you prefer to meet in the morning, the afternoon or evening. This is an exciting time in the life of Desert Palms!


We have ordered more sets of the Immerse Bible Experience and should be arriving soon!  If you would like to purchase a set, please stop in the Church Office.  If you want to join one of the Immerse Bible Small Groups, please email Cathy. 


Last Published: September 13, 2019 2:11 PM
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