June is Men's Health Month

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June is Men’s Health Month, a time to bring awareness to Men’s Health.

Men on average have shorter life spans than women, while women are more likely to visit their doctor regularly. Men are also less likely than women to be insured. All these factors impact their ability to be great fathers, grandfathers, supportive partners and community members.

Resources that may be helpful to men as they take care of themselves are:

· Get it Checked: Checklist of a maintenance schedule for men as a reminder of the need to take responsibility for one’s health. Regular checkups and age-appropriate screenings can improve one’s health and reduce premature death and disability.  http://www.menshealthnetwork.org/library/pdfs/GetItChecked.pdf   www.healthfinder.gov

· Specific information on health topics and diseases    http://www.menshealthresourcecenter.com/

· An article and video clips entitled, 11 Things Doctors Wish They Could Tell Guys Who Don't Go To The Doctor



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What can others do to encourage the men in your life to take care of themselves? Suggestions from the Men’s Health Network are:

· Encourage him to get a physical. Most of the factors that contribute to men’s shorter, less healthy lives are preventable. And that prevention starts with seeing a healthcare provider on a regular basis.

· Encourage him to get physical. The benefits of physical activity on health outcomes are extensive, and many people find it difficult to get motivated for physical activity on their own.

· Let him know you care. One reason men disregard their own health is that they’re too busy taking care of everyone else. What they don’t realize, however, is that if they die early, they’ll be hurting the very people they’ve worked so hard to protect. So remind him that you and your other family members love him and need him to be alive and healthy for as long as possible.


So Guys, when is the last time you went to the doctor? June is Men’s Health Month … the perfect time to get an annual checkup.


Resource: http://www.menshealthmonth.org/mens-health-month-toolkit.html









Last Published: June 22, 2019 2:21 PM
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