Purpose of Presbyterian Women

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves:

  • To nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,
  • To support the mission of the church worldwide,
  • To work for justice and peace,
  • to build an inclusive, caring, community of women, that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (USA) and witnesses to the promise of God's kingdom.

Next Coordinating Team Meeting: December 1, 9:00-10:30am

Left to right: Diane Boram (Historian), Jeanie Ralston (Sunshine), Judy Beacon (Communications), Alaine O'Connor (Vice Moderator), Carol Hammond (Treasurer), Dorrit Briere (Secretary), and Dodie Weiland (Moderator)

2019/2020 PW Coordinating Team Leaders

This PW lead team was installed at the April 24, 2019 Annual Breakfast Meeting, where we also dedicated our Least Coin donations for the year. The 2020 Annual Meeting is postponed due to Social Distancing requirements but stay tuned for updates. All positions for elected and appointed leaders nominated are the same as last year. Additional nominations would go through Alaine O'Connor Nominations Committee.   

Your PW Coordinating team adds all circle leaders to the lead team and will be identified in the fall.

PW welcomes new members to all circles so please consider joining for the upcoming fall Bible study focused on "Into The Light - Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament". Please contact Dodie Weiland if you would like to join and be added to the new yearbook or you can contact any of the circle leaders

Moderator's Message

PW Sept Moderator Message DPPC Presbyterian Women have what you need!

Fall is the beginning of our new PW 2020 - 2021 season. Our new theme is "Live into the Light of Hope."  Please take a minute to ponder what that theme means to you and how as an active Presbyterian Women's organization we can make this theme meaningful to our members, church, and community.  

As you can see from the picture selected by your coordinating team, our goal is to represent our values that "all hands are welcome and we are stronger as an inclusive, caring community working together." We acknowledge that we have all experienced dark days this year but know there is Light in the Hope our Lord provides. How can we "Live this Hope?" We want your ideas on actions we can take to fulfill our vision and purpose. 

Please contact PW Moderator Dodie Weiland, at 816-210-3646, or any of your circle leaders, if there is anything you, or someone you know, need during this difficult time. We are here for all women of our church and will do whatever we can to assist.

This year will be different than in years past but with change comes innovation. God challenges us to find the good in all things and search for ways to reach out to others.

One of those changes is our new Presbyterian Women page on our new church website (under the "Connect" heading). You will find boxes in the lower section that you click on to receive updated monthly information on:

  • Moderator's Message: Brings the latest general comments from your PW Moderator.
  • Circle Information: Lists all circles and their standard meeting times and locations. Click on the name of any circle to learn more and view pictures.
  • Upcoming Activities: While no calendar activities are set at this time for the 2021 year due to the pandemic, you will find suggestions of ideas to stay in contact with your circle members and community until we decide on a set schedule. Your feedback on these suggestions and additional ideas are welcome any time.
  • Historian Corner: Here you will find pictures/videos taken from our past Historical Yearbooks through a link to follow to the DPPC Presbyterian Women Playlist on YouTube. Venture down memory lane to relive your PW loving actions over the years in fulfilling our Purpose. We want all Women of the Church to know that PW appreciates all your loving actions during the 2019 - 2020 year and that we can be joyful in knowing we have grown in our practice of God's love before and through this crisis. We could not do it without all of YOU! Feel free to send additional pictures or videos you may have to, Subject:  PW Photos.  Our playlist also features select videos from National PW sites like the overview to this years Bible Study "Into the Light."
  • National PW Information: This box will take you directly to resources, projects, and announcements from our National organization. You can also reach this by going directly to:
  • PW Reading List: Provides the most current annual Grand Canyon Presbytery suggested PW Reading list.
  • Latest News: Watch here for upcoming PW Coordinating Team Meetings, approved activities, and Horizon Bible Study monthly resources and suggestions that we previously provided in Rev. Linda Bailey's monthly Bible Study Briefings. I look forward to hearing from you all. Please stay safe and healthy. Our prayers and support are with you.

Dodie Weiland
DPPC PW Moderator,


Upcoming Activities

New  2020 - 2021 PW Horizons Bible Study Books Are Here!

Presbyterian Women's Bible Study books for Circle gatherings next fall have arrived and will be sold in Fellowship Hall starting with the first face-to-face church meetings (whenever that is planned and a PW Table is allowed in Fellowship Hall on that Sunday).

If you desire a book prior to that just call our PW Treasurer, Carol Hammond at 623-297-1831 and she will advise where you can pick it up (using social distancing of course!).

Carol Hammond will also be in the foyer of Fellowship hall Wednesday, September 9th from 10 a.m. to Noon to distribute books. 

Checks are preferred to avoid handling cash and are to be made out to: DPPC PW (with study book in the Memo line). Regular print is $11; Large print is $16 (Limited supply).

PW Study Books Our new book title is "Into the Light - Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament."  This study is very timely as we remember and call out to God during these difficult times and see how our lamenting can bring strength to face the world and to hope! We have many examples in the Bible of lamentation over personal, community and worldly challenges that we can use to build strength and hope together.

As always, DPPC PW welcomes new members to join any of our nine circles by contacting Dodie or any of the circle co-leaders. All women are encouraged to attend any PW event. Stay tuned for events to be announced this fall.

Please stay safe and healthy,
Dodie Weiland
DPPC PW Moderator

PW Justice-Peace Calendar


Grand Canyon Presbyterian Women Reading List

All books from the reading list are in our church library. The criteria for the selection of the books are: to enlighten our minds, to nourish our spirits, to challenge our consciences, to entertain us. As you choose which books you will read, we will hope we have met these goals, not all of them in one book, but in the whole of them.

Meet Our Nine Circles

Presbyterian Women includes all women who are members or friends of Desert Palms Church.  All women are welcome to attend any PW activity by visiting our sign up table in Fellowship Hall on Sundays. 

We are honored to currently have nine PW Circles, of over 200 women, that meet monthly to study, support, and provide service together.  All circles welcome new members so you may click on any of the links below learn more about any circles or contact PW Moderator, Dodie Weiland at 816-210-3646.

Below are the normal PW Circle meeting information. However, due to the pandemic crisis, the meeting times and locations have likely changed. Please contact the circle leaders for specific monthly meeting information.

Elizabeth and Mary Circle meets the 2nd Thursday of the month November 12th at 9:00 a.m. via Zoom.

Esther Circle meets the 2nd Monday of the month November 9th at 9:00 a.m. in Room A.

Lydia Circle meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month November 18th at 10:00 a.m. in Beardsley Park.

Martha Circle meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month November 11th at 12:30 p.m. in Beardsley Park. Wear a mask and bring your own chair.

Naomi Circle meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month November 11th at 9:30 a.m. in Room A.

Phoebe Circle meets the 2nd Thursday of the month November 12th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.

Rebecca Circle meets the 2nd Wednesday November 11th of the month at 9:00 a.m. by Zoom.

Sarah Circle meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month November 18th at 9:30 a.m. in Room A.

Elizabeth Circle - Close Up

Meet Elizabeth Circle! We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in Room A from September through May.


Elizabeth Circle is currently our largest circle but always has room for more members so please come visit us if you are interested in joining a circle that meets during our time. We were created in 2018 and have many members of the choir in our circle but also other members who find this time convenient. Our co-leaders are Mary Mathiason (623-556-9246) and Judy Milligan (623-440-6692). We talke turns moderating the current Hoizon Bible Study display in this picture one of our exercizes from the study. It is a great, fun group so please give Mary or Judy a call if you are interested.

Esther Circle - Close Up


Ester and Priscilla Circles Combine to be the New Ester Circle

Esther Circle was founded by Betty Lou South in the mid 90's to create an alternative meeting time on Mondays, since at that time the other circles met on Wednesdays. We take turns moderating the monthly Bible study and hosting light refreshments. Our members feel very comfortable sharing their ideas and personal experiences that relate to the Bible Study discussions.

In addition to helping support the activities of the church’s Presbyterian Women’s Organization, Esther Circle supports the D.O.V.E.S. program, which is part of the Area Agency on Aging in the Phoenix area. This program helps elderly victims of domestic abuse and violence.

Esther Circle meets on the second Monday of the month, at 8:30 a.m. in Room A in Fellowship Hall. We welcome new members to journey with us as we nurture our faith and expand our friendships. If you are interested in visiting or joining, please contact one of our co-leaders Nancy Zaitlen or Judith Hoye

Lydia Circle - Close Up


Need text here.

Martha Circle - Close Up


The Martha circle was started around 1993. One of the long-term members was Joyce Turner. We missed her when she moved and started a circle at Grandview Terrace. The Martha circle was struggling in the late 1990’s, but with the support of its members, new members joined.As of the present time, it is a thriving group. We mourn the loss of two of our members, who passed away last year. They are Sandy Green and Robin McFarland. Jan Lansberry took over as leader of our circle after Robin passed away.

We presently have 25 members, averaging 20 at our meetings. We meet monthly in members’ homes the second Wednesday of the month, September through May, noon - 3 p.m.  We bring our own lunch and eat together. The co-hostess brings dessert to share with everyone. When dessert is finished, we have a meeting, followed by a Bible study.  All of the circles arestudying Hebrews through the study book Cloud of Witnesses.

Our activities include sitting at the Presbyterian Women's table between services, which we did the month of November, hostessing the Mission luncheon January 23, 2018, and we help with the spring tea in March. We have prayed together in the Chapel for ill members or members’ children.  We have provided meals for members in need. Martha circle is a wonderfully supportive group of ladies who care about each other and our church.

Anyone who would care to visit or join us is very welcome. Please call the hostess to let her know that you are coming.

Mary Circle - Close Up

Mary Circle is our newest circle that began meeting together in September of 2019. We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month at 9:00 a.m. by Zoom.

We are a small intimate circle who find this time convenient and enjoy sharing our life experiences and discussing the most current bible study. We did not take a picture of the whole circle prior to disruption of our meetings due to Covid-19 but we have included a picture of our Tea Table from March 14, 2020. Not all our members chose to attend the tea so we invited members from Phoebe Circle to join us.

We would love to have new PW members join us. Please contact Carol Goff (630-788-7330) or Dodie Weiland (816-210-3646) if you would like to visit or join our circle.

God Bless You All!

Naomi Circle - Close Up

Naomi circle was one of the earliest circles in our church. An interesting fact is that one of the early members of the circle was actually named Naomi.

Naomi circle meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in room B in Fellowship Hall. After coffee, snacks and a short business meeting, Naomi circle studies the Horizons Bible Study that is shared by Presbyterian Women all over the world.  The 2017 - 2018 Horizons Bible Study was entitled "Cloud of Witnesses, The Community of Christ in Hebrews" by Melissa Bane Sevier. Next year for the 2018-2019 PW season the study will be "God's Promise: I am with you" by Amy Poling Sutherlun.  An overview of next year's study is being held at our church on April 14, from 8–11 a.m.  Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

Naomi circle is a small but close knit group whose names are listed with this picture, which was taken on Valentines Day. Naomi Circle welcomes new members to come and join them by contacting Marty Kixmiller or Patsy Blinn.

Be sure to say "hello" to them as they join Ruth circle in hosting the Tuesday, April 24, 2018, PW Women's Annual Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall, where we will install new members of the PW Coordinating Team.

Phoebe Circle - Close Up


The Desert Palm's Presbyterian Women's organization hopes all women of the church will consider joining one of the many circles that meet monthly to share friendship, support and focus on the Bible study that all circles around the world are sharing. To help you better understand our circles we will provide a "Close Up" on different circles each month in the Palms.

Please stop by the PW Table to learn more about the varying circles to find the one that best meets your interests and availability.

Phoebe circle is the newest of all the circles that began in 2015 when it was obvious that another evening circle was desirable with the growing number of working and very busy women in our area. Phoebe meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month in member homes with a snack provided by the hostess. 

These are a very energetic and active group of women who, in addition to the monthly bible study and PW business activities, find themselves also championing many special causes that reach out to involve the entire congregation.   

Phoebe has assisted in special projects associated with  the Desert Palms Women's Retreats, organizing the "Women of Faith" Cancer Walk team from our church, as well as volunteering to assist in many outreach and mission projects. They co-chaired the PW Christmas Communion in 2016 and will do so again this year. 

Phoebe proves that small groups working together to support each other builds strong personal bonds and can accomplish wonders with God's help. They welcome any new member to join them and hope you will stop by the PW Table in Fellowship Hall any Sunday in September to greet them. There you can then learn more about all circles, other PW activities and sign up for the upcoming luncheon on September 26. 

See you there!

Rebecca Circle - Close Up


Our final PW Circle Close Up this season features Rebecca Circle. They started in September, 2004, by Jean Montgomery and Natalie Herrick, who are the only original members still attending.

Rebecca Circle co-leaders are Natalie Herrick and Lucille Schultz and they welcome new members and visitors. Our meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m. and we take turns hosting them at our members homes.

Rebecca Circle is unique because they meet the second Wednesday of each month YEAR ROUND!  While the ladies are meeting at various homes from September through May, the husbands also meet the same morning for breakfast at the Golden Corral in Surprise, Arizona.  In the summer months of June through August, Rebecca Circle continues to meet on the same second Wednesday mornings, this time joining with their husbands for breakfast at the Golden Corral or at other  restaurants.  What a great opportunity to continue in fellowship, faith and friendship beyond the normal PW season!

Sarah Circle - Close Up


Sarah Circle meets in member homes on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:30 a.m., September - May, to share active support and caring for each other.  They take turns leading the bible study discussion, devotions, and hosting. Many of the members have been with Sarah Circle for years but they always have open arms to new members and have found the three new members this year fit into the group as if they have always been there.

Sarah Circle is very excited about their project in 2017 to sponsor a young girl, Vanessa, in Uganda, Africa through Prepare The Way Ministry. Dodie Weiland joined Sarah Circle at their December meeting to provide pictures and videos of Vanessa and the King's Kids Learning Center where she attends school.

In the picture below, you see Vanessa with a special "Jesus" necklace and touching letter from her "Grandmothers in Sarah Circle", that was sent with Dodie when she visited Vanessa in Africa in October. Sarah Circle also sent a package to Vanessa at Christmas and continues to pray for and support Vanessa's Christian education, personal safety and full potential.


If you are interested in visiting or joining Sarah Circle you are encouraged to contact either of their co-leaders, Ruth Friesenborg or Francis Palsma.  Or say "hello" to them at the PW Tea, Saturday, March 10th, where they are usually the only circle to decorate two coordinated tables!

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