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Sunday Bulletin and Announcements

Please join us April 18th, at 8:30am and 10:30am for our Live Sunday Virtual Worship And RESERVED In-person worship.
Please note you must make a reservation with the church office. You can call or email us at

Announcements - from April 11th, 2nd Sunday of Easter

Positive Activities

If you have been listening to Pastor Jim’s Video Ministry Moments or to last Sunday’s sermon, then you know that the Church is still the Church during this COVID-19 pandemic. To continue our connectedness, Pastor Jim shared three positive activities you can do to be the Church during Covid-19.

Get out the church directory and each day select one name … pray for that person, think about what you know about that person -- especially something positive. Then, write that person a letter or send an email or call the person and tell that person why you appreciate him or her.

In the midst of the negativity of COVID-19, we are sure something good has happened to you. Take some time to write about that positive experience – whether it was because of or in spite of the pandemic -- to share with the congregation. Send it to We will post your encouraging stories on Facebook, our website and/or in our newsletter. Tell about a trip you took, the kindness of others or something beautiful you discovered about yourself or about God because of COVID-19.

Be reminded that God loves all of us for who we are. Jesus wants you to be a part of the family of God. A day is coming when the church will reopen. We will walk into a beautiful new Fellowship Hall. When we do, wouldn’t it be great to be met by a positive message? Think about five positive words that describe who you are. Then finish this sentence “I am …” and list those five positive words or phrases and send them to me at

Stay Positive


Positive Stories - Keeping the Faith

There are so many reasons during this pandemic to give up and to give out, so many reasons to just say, we are “over it” but keep the faith. We must believe amid this pandemic God is at work. Pay  attention to what God is doing in your life, in your faith community and in your neighborhood.

If we pay attention, we will discover God’s work in our lives and the lives of others and we will be revived and revitalized.

Below are stories, lighthearted reminders and activities that are examples of so many who are  keeping the faith during these times.

May the fierce love of God and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the communion of the Holy Spirit remind us again and again that we do have enough food for the journey, enough for all people in our neighborhoods, our country and the world.

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