Thursday Mission Moment

UMOM ends homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual.

Founded in 1964, UMOM is located in Phoenix and is an innovative provider of shelter, housing and services for people experiencing homelessness.  Each night UMOM provides safe shelter and supportive services for over 170 homeless families while also offering nearly 300 units of affordable housing across the valley, each with special Program Centers for Residents.

In addition to providing families with housing, UMOM offers Day Care Centers as an extraordinary place where committed people can have a real and positive impact on the community. 


UMOM is in the business of placing a home within reach. Wherever possible, UMOM employs the ‘Housing First’ approach, moving people into housing as quickly as possible. Once in housing, we address the issues that led to homelessness. The housing first approach has a proven track record and is often among the best ways to end homelessness.

  • UMOM was able to open an additional 25 rooms to meet the increased need due to COVID’s effects on the economy.
  • The community has rallied behind UMOM in getting additional supplies into the doors and to their clients since the start of COVID – including PPE and other necessary supplies, which helps off-set the additional $20,000 in spending of supplies per month due to increased COVID needs.
  • UMOM was able to meet additional meal needs with all clients in shelter (home from work or school) with 7,520 meals prepared and served weekly, though with extra costs totaling $45,000 per month on client food at UMOM.
  • 214 individuals gained employment between March and June of this year (even through COVID-related employment barriers)
  • 735 kids at UMOM were given backpacks, school supplies, and fund for uniforms & shoes through UMOM’s Back to School Drive this summer in preparation for the new school year.
  • This year 600 families will be housed through the Rapid Rehousing program.

UMOM works to restore hope, rebuild lives, and end homelessness by providing shelter, services, and affordable housing for families, women, and youth experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County. https://umom.org/

Additionally, UMOM offers OTHER SERVICES to the community such as:

Affordable housing for seniors and Veterans - Seniors are a growing Segment of experiencing homelessness;

Financial Literacy – Families lacking the financial cushion to sustain themselves in the event of a job loss or unexpected medical bill;

Human Trafficking – a Safe Haven for victims of Human Trafficking;

Support for Unsustainable Living Conditions and Education for Teens.


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