Pentecost 2020

The Pentecost offering is appropriately received at Pentecost, just as the church is remembering the coming of the Holy Spirit with its wondrous animating activity in the life of the church. The children and youth who benefit from these gifts are themselves an animating presence in the church of today, whether members of Sunday schools or neighborhood children who receive hospitality and homework assistance.

The Pentecost Offering should be an integral part of every congregation’s participation in the Educate a Child Initiative, since through this Special Offering each Church:

  • serves the larger ministry of the PC(USA) by enabling programs for children at risk and supporting young Adult Volunteers and Ministries with Youth, which includes Youth Triennium.
  • expresses its goodwill for children beyond its own neighborhood by  joining a portion of its treasure along with others in a coherent Presbyterian voice for children.
  • regains 40% of the offering.

The Pentecost offering is one of the three Presbyterian Special Offerings in which Desert Palms participates. It is one of our favorite because it supports children and young adults at risk and we can chose locally where to send 40%.

Recently we have sent our portion to Gila Crossing Church in Laveen, the Native American church we are partnered with, for their children.  We have also supported Presbyterian Youth Triennium, which is a conference of Presbyterian youth from all over the PCUSA which meets every three years at Purdue University in West Layfette, Indiana. 

Gracious God, We pray that all children will be able to reach the potential you gave them. We are grateful for those who work alongside

children at risk and give them hope. Give all of us the faith and courage to stand up for children and help build a brighter future for them.  Amen

Last Published: June 7, 2020 10:11 AM
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