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Update Nov. 6, 2018

Desert Palms Mission Committee will now sell hand crafted African goods at our Farmers Market the last Tuesday of the Month to continue to support this organization.  Prepare The Way Ministry has identified the top priorities for improvements in 2019 to include

#1 = A new well at the top of the property for the school ($3,000) so the 225 students will not need to haul water up from a distant existing well.  This would allow for plumbing for cooking, cleaning, laundry and showers, where currently it is all hand carried from the well in jugs.  The current well will continue to be used for livestock, irrigation, and the community.

#2 = Remodeling of the Youth Center to include space for the Basecamp would save monthly expenses that they currently pay for renting additional space and modernize the facility including a new roof ($20,000). 

If you have any questions or can help please contact Dodie Weiland @ 816-210-3646.

Last Published: November 6, 2018 4:38 PM
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