Everyone Has a Dream---Come True?
"Prepare The Way Ministry" Table will continue to sell hand-crafted African items at the Farmers Market the last Tuesday of the month. Please encourage friends to stop by to shop for Christmas and support this Mission effort.

Timo Music

Everyone Has A Dream

Come see how DPPC has helped some of 

these dreams come true

You are invited to stop by the "Prepare The Way Ministry" table at our Farmers Market the last Tuesday of the month to purchase hand-crafted African items that support DPPC Mission work that is helping "Dreams come True" in Uganda, Africa.  Hear about stories that have been made possible because of the generous donations from Desert Palms Presbyterian Church and other faith communities.

Meet "Timo":

When Dodie Weiland visited Uganda last October there was one young man who never left her side whenever she went outside the Prepare The Way base camp.  His name is Shammah Timo Stm, but we call him Timo.  He stood by Dodie, as her translator, protector and guide to help understand the people and culture, not just the words. Timo was curious and excited when he saw Dodie downloading pictures and creating videos at the end of each day.  As a musician and worship leader he did not have much experience with the computer, did not even own one, but he showed great interest and wanted to learn. His dream was to create inspirational music and video to bring the word of God to others like him who live far from church. There wasn't much time during that trip and without the right software on their own computer it was doubtful to go anywhere. 

Timo had fallen on hard times, helping his father and brother some distance from Prepare The Way and Linda Campbell shared with Dodie that she thought they had lost him. In May 2018 DPPC Mission Committee funded a $100 software program for Prepare The Way Ministry and Dodie offered remote instruction and Internet time to get students started. Linda Campbell offered the computer program access on a Prepare The Way computer to both Timo and Phillip, a college student much more skilled in computers and video, not sure who would persevere. Dodie held weekly conference calls in June and bi-weekly in July, via "What’s App" and shared instructional how to videos on PowerDirector, the same program DPPC uses to create our DVD's and YouTube Channel videos.

Timo loves working with the videos and with the help of Pastor Bill Campbell has produced promotional videos in almost every area of Prepare The Way Ministry, sharing the story of their important work in Uganda.  Bill & Linda have seen a turn around in his attitude and real commitment to serving their ministry and the Lord in so many ways.  They have just recently brought Timo on full time which gives him both purpose and resources to survive and thrive.  BLESS THE LORD, THE DREAM GIVER! Bless DPPC for your gifts that changed this young man's life.

Please stop by the "Prepare The Way" table at the Farmers Market the fourth Tuesday of the month to learn about this and other efforts to support this wonderful Christian mission work in Uganda, Africa.

The eight children currently sponsored by members of Desert Palms Presbyterian Church thank you for fulfilling their dreams for financial support of their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs by attending Prepare The Way Kings Kids Christian School.  We are excited to continually discover what additional dreams God puts on their hearts for the future.  We have many pictures and experiences from the last year for you to view at the "Prepare The Way" table.

 Contact Dodie Weiland @ 623-594-1697 if you would like more information on this program. 

Last Published: March 13, 2019 2:45 PM
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