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March 8, 2014 Update.

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As reported in previous Palms articles, Amanda Craft and her husband, Omar Craft, have been in the process of occupying the new PCUSA team position as Regional Liaisons for Mexico and Guatemala. As expected with new positions, changes generally occur in order to become as efficient as possible, and to fit workers’ interests and skills. 

In a “Ministry Update” just received from Amanda, it’s no surprise she and Omar’s responsibilities have been modified. As of January 1, 2014, Amanda was assigned a modified position as PCUSA’s “Regional Liaison for Mexico and Guatemala.” This new role focuses on administrative, supervisory, and partner responsibilities. She is the person who maintains  ongoing contact, communication and collaboration with the region’s global partners. She wrote she has transitioned fully now into this position. Omar’s assignment was changed to a new PCUSA position as Facilitator for Border Ministries. His assignments to work with Presbyterian Border Outreach (PBRO), formerly known as Presbyterian Border Ministry in assisting the best strategy for increasing the effectiveness of the border ministry. Omar still has a team appointment with Amanda, but his main focus is on the US—Mexico border ministries. In his position he works with the six border ministry sites as they rethink their mission and ministries. Since the Presbyterian Church of Mexico split with PCUSA a few years ago due to religious and philosophical differences, PCUSA is exploring several other possibilities for partners in Mexico, yet remains open to talking with the Presbyterian Church of Mexico should they decide to renew their relationship. 

Omar’s new position necessitates his being located along the border; hence, the family will be moving to the El Paso, Texas area in June/July 2014. Below is a copy of Amanda’s comments made in her “Ministry Update” about their move, and special comments to us at Desert Palms:

“We are in the midst of bittersweet moments in our lives. As we think about moving to El Paso, Texas, we are really excited about the possibilities. Alejandro, our oldest, will be entering kindergarten. We have found that most schools in this part of the country offer dual language programs—and are the leaders in this kind of education in the US.  So, this will be excellent as he continues with  both English and Spanish. Our youngest, Matteo, will be turning two in September, so we are researching preschools. Again, we have found two wonderful possibilities at Presbyterian Churches. One is a Montessori based and dual language. The other incorporates the arts into their program. We’ll need to decide soon. And we have lots of possibilities for church family as well! We will, however, miss so much in Guatemala. This has been a great location for us to grow as a family. Life here is slower and focuses on the importance of maintaining relationships. We will miss the culture, the people, the deep commitment to faith, and the way of life. I will return for work, but those will only be for meetings. So, I ask for your prayers as we make this transition.

We sincerely thank you all at Desert Palms for your ongoing support. You make the work possible and we are ever grateful. It is a privilege to serve the church in such an involved way. We are able to closely experience the way God works in the world.  These experiences bring light to so many. 

May God’s blessings be with you during this Lenten season. May you find time to ponder and reflect on the importance this season has on your life. As we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection, may God’s promises fill you with hope for what’s possible.

Peace to you,


Note: Amanda has a blog that keeps us aware of her life and work:


              her blog, Walking with Guatemalan sisters of faith


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