Christmas Joy Offering
The Joy Offering goes to the Presbyterian Church USA to assist retire church workers and church related Ethnic Schools and Colleges.
The Christmas Joy Offering is received at the Christmas Eve Services or at any service leading up to or directly after Christmas. The Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions and the Presbyterian-related Racial Ethnic Schools and Colleges shares our gifts to the Joy Offering equally.
The Board of Pensions Assistance Program provides critical funding to help active and retired pastors, as well as other church workers and their families, deal with urgent financial needs. Sometimes these funds are used to supplement housing needs or to help with medical costs not covered by insurance.
The funds related to Presbyterian-related Racial Ethnic Schools and Colleges provide scholarships to deserving students as well as help with basic operating costs. The institutions develop leaders in the church and society and enable students to discover and pursue their professional goals.
Like our own scholarship program, which provides help to our local young people, the Christmas Joy Offering aids students of racial and ethnic backgrounds who are beyond our reach.

Desert Palms congregation responded with Christmas giving generosity to the PC(USA) JOY Offering received on December 19, 2010.  The offering of $8,064 will provide funding for two projects of the denomination.  One is for special help to Presbyterian church workers who have experienced particularly difficult financial situations.  The second is to assist the six Presbyterian related racial/ethnic institutions with scholarships and general support for the schools.  These efforts bring joy to many people, both youth and those older faithful church servants.





Desert Palms responded with Christmas giving generosity to the Joy Offering in December. As of this date, the gifts total $8,064. Many long time PC(USA) church workers will be thanking you over the next year as they receive funds from the offering for the difficult and unusual expenses some of them experience. Help comes from the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions which has provided support for as many as 800 during a year.

Joy will also come to students in Presbyterian related racial/ethnic schools and colleges. These institutions enable students to develop their gifts through scholarships and assists those students in finding their calling in a world where there should be equality of opportunity but where that is still elusive for some.

So, Desert Palms, your gifts will be appreciated throughout 2011. Thank you.


—Betty Ann Riley

Mission Committee


Last Published: January 22, 2011 11:40 AM
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