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"Just Coffee"
Are you willing to improve the problems of illegal immigration? You can help our Mexican neighbors by buying Just Coffee.
 Following is a reprint from Morning Cup, a monthly newsletter from Just Coffee.  
Just Coffee sells 100% organic, shade grown Arabica coffee, $8 per pound is competitively priced. Just Coffee verified within coffee shops and in grocery stores and determined that prices range from a low of $6.50 to a high of $14 per pound. This cooperative is not a charity, but a business that is providing a high quality product that is receiving a market price. Just Coffee is not the same as low priced coffees, in principle, quality, nor price.
A key concept with Just Coffee is that those who consume the coffee and those who produce the coffee will know one another and be in “right relationship” with one another. Just Coffee provides growers the opportunity to stay on their ancestral lands. The growers provide a high quality, good value organic coffee, and the consumer receives an excellent coffee at a fair and just price.
 In addition to growing the coffee, the toasting, packaging, and exporting of the coffee is done by members of the coffee growing cooperative who have migrated to Agua Prieta, thus creating additional good paying jobs in Mexico. The key profit generating steps in coffee marketing are the roasting and marketing of the coffee. That’s why we say that the difference is in the roasting!
 This relationship guarantees reasonably priced, excellent coffee produced by fairly treated growers for years to come.

Just Coffee can be purchased in Fellowship Hall during the Fellowship Hour between services on Sunday.




October means the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas is fast approaching--a time for family, friends and good times. And what better way to enjoy those times than with a pot of rich, flavorful Café Justo from the lush mountains of Chiapas, Mexico?  It’s great with breakfast, after dinner or whenever. And it is truly Just(ice) Coffee. It gives the coffee grower or roaster in Mexico a decent income to enable him or her to stay with family, instead of crossing the border in search of living wages. It’s a gift of pleasure for someone on your holiday list. Or it can be a gift of comfort to a homeless elder, if you donate the price of a pound of Just Coffee to the Justa Center in downtown Phoenix. The Justa Center serves homeless veterans and other elders with a place to get a shower, to have an address so they can apply for jobs or benefits or to help them get an apartment. You’ll have many chances to do one or several of these “giftings” because we will be selling Café Justo every Sunday in October.

Come to our table in Fellowship Hall and see what a pound of coffee can do!


Last Published: September 25, 2015 4:00 PM
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