Border Ministry
Presbyterian Border Ministry provides assistance to people in Mexico.
Border Ministry
Presbyterian Border Ministries provide assistance to the people in Mexico, a cooperative endeavor with Igleasia Nacional Presbiteriana of Mexico, to share the Gospel along a stretch of approximately 2200 miles along the US/Mexican border from San Diego, California to Texas by assisting the people with agriculture, establishing and supporting churches and in other meaningful ways.
Cultural change south of the border is, long term, one of the real ways to solve the immigration crisis. The establishment of Presbyterian churches offers progress in education, family planning, and a more sustainable culture. Border Ministries is an evangelistic mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Presbyterian Church of Mexico and is supported by the Mission Committee of Desert Palms Church. There are seven programs run by this ministry: to develop self-sustaining churches, to train health workers, to raise funds for pastor’s homes, to help build community centers, to provide assistance for migrants caught by the border patrol to return to their homes in Mexico, to support seminary students with scholarship funds, and to establish a Presbyterian church in each of Mexico’s 31 state capitals.
Rapid population growth has caused incredible social and health problems, because border cities have been unable to keep up with infrastructure needs such as drinking water, sanitation, streets, electricity, and law enforcement. About 40% of the men are unemployed, since the assembly plants located there prefer to employ women. Houses are usually shanties made of whatever is available. Some Mexicans have passports and visas to shop in the U.S. often spending up to 80% of their paychecks on food, clothing, etc., because U.S. stores often charge less than a Mexican border store.
Border Ministries fulfills a real present need and helps provide for future self sufficiency through training and establishing a more sustainable culture through the churches and community centers in Mexican border communities and also all over Mexico.
Last Published: February 21, 2008 12:57 AM
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