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Message from Linda

Easter People

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “We are Easter people, living in a Good Friday world.” One of my seminary professors used to say that; and most of the time it’s true. As Christians, we are called to try and see the world as God sees it, with hope and possibility. Easter calls us into a way of living in the world as we allow the God of Life to transform us. In each day of our lives, in the midst of challenges, hardships, boredom, and everyday routines, we believe that the God of New Life is at work in us and around us.


As a church, we are called to create safe places where people can share their stories of how God is at work in their lives. What a blessing it is to hear your stories! Join us for five Wednesday mornings beginning March 4, for continental breakfast at 8 a.m. and a 30-minute worship service in the Sanctuary at 8:30 a.m. for our Lenten Series, “Conversations with Jesus”.


Lent is a journey of the heart. Holy Week is not merely a pathway through which we must travel on the way to Easter morning, it is a place where we are compelled by faith to stop and stay awhile – so that we can better understand who God is. To rise into the Easter dawn, we must be willing to spend time in the darkness, at the foot of the cross. For some of us, it is a place where we will learn to better understand the struggles and sufferings of others. For some of us, the foot of the cross is a place to find comfort; to know that we are not alone in our suffering.


The more we know and understand about the mind of Christ and the story of our salvation, the more fully we can understand and appreciate the blessings of our new life found in Jesus. As we remember the mystery of our redemption in Christ, we are recreated! It is through our receptivity to God’s grace that we may participate in the mystery of Christ’s body. As we journey together, encountering Christ and being instructed by God’s invitation, growing together and deepening our common life and ministry we become filled with gratitude for the mercy of God and for the affirmation of God’s unconditional love for us.


Jesus set before us some of the many ways we are called to service by using the gifts God gives us. We are called to be people of strength and courage, people of compassion and mercy, and people committed to serving God by serving others. It is through the gift of prayer that we are kept close to the heart of God and connected to one another as people of God.

Remember that the ultimate outcome of our Lenten journey is truly one of great joy because it brings us to that Easter morning!  As we orient our lives toward God we remember that with every breath we take, with every step we take, God is with us.


Blessings and peace,

Linda Bailey, Associate Pastor



Last Published: February 21, 2020 12:14 PM
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