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Message from Linda

Working Together to Make Love Visible

Just Coffee (Café Justo) is produced by a fair-trade cooperative that is affiliated with Frontera de Cristo, a Presbyterian border ministry, located in the neighboring cities of Agua Prieta, Mexico, and Douglas, Arizona. It’s governed by an equal number of people from the U.S. and Mexico. Each bag of coffee displays the name of the farmer who grew the beans. Presbyterians across the U.S. begin their day with Just Coffee and say a prayer for the farmer who grew their coffee.

Rev. Mark Adams has been involved with Just Coffee since its beginning in 2002. He is Frontera de Cristo’s U.S. Coordinator and mission co-worker. He and his wife, Miriam Maldanado Escobar (also a mission co-worker), have focused on the root causes of migration.

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Walt Blackledge. He and Jean were recognized this year with the Presbytery’s Senior Service Award for their work in mission and for their work with Just Coffee. Mark Adams writes, “We give thanks to God for the life of Walt and for the commitment and love that he and Jean have had for promoting Just Coffee at Desert Palms. Since Walt and Jean began promoting Café Justo, Desert Palms has bought 3,311 pounds of coffee which has provided $26,735 dollars toward the economic development of the Just Coffee Community. We are grateful that Walt and Jean joined the vision of the farmers of Just Coffee to respond to the root causes of migration, helping families who had been separated because of economic circumstances be reunited--and giving opportunities for children of farmers to go to college--the first generation of their families to be able to do so.”

“When asked what Café Justo meant to her, Ydelda, the wife of farmer Mundo Ballinas, responded, ‘It means my daughters can have their father by their side, instead of working in the United States.’ Upon hearing of Walt’s death, Daniel Cifuentes, one of the founders of Café Justo said, ‘May God bless him richly and embrace his family in this time of loss. I am so grateful that he and his wife chose to form part of the team of Just Coffee. We are connected across borders not only by coffee but also in the love of God.’”

The most important statement we make is when we work together to make love visible. Some of us serve in food banks, some of us volunteer in hospitals, some of us serve as Stephen Ministers, mission coordinators, elders and deacons, some of us make quilts or prayer shawls, some of us lead Bible studies and the list goes on and on. In all the ways we serve and in all the missions we support, in our community and in our world, we are building bridges between people.

Remember the words of Micah 6:8, “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” As we do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God we discover, in hindsight, that God has made an extraordinary difference in an individual life. Just imagine all the difference God will make in our world because of each of you!!! We are all instruments of transformation, not because of what we do, but because of what God does through us!

Blessings and peace,

Linda Bailey, Associate Pastor


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Last Published: June 22, 2019 1:51 PM
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