A Message from Ben Crelin
Hello friends, church family, and surrogate grandparents:

Crelin Ben


Hello friends, church family, and surrogate grandparents:

I cannot fully express how wonderful it was to be back at Desert Palms to see so many of you! This church has been nothing short of encouraging, loving and giving towards me during these my formative years. The opportunity and privilege to serve alongside my dad and others in Bible studies, Adult Bible School, Sunday worship and more has both stretched and matured me. I am also excited that the session of Desert Palms has helped me start my ordination process by endorsing me to become an Inquirer under the Presbytery. I am truly indebted to your kindness to allow me to be so active at Desert Palms.

Although I wish I could spend this summer with all of you, I have returned to Gordon-Conwell for a quick four-week summer class (Intermediate Greek) and then to Camden, Maine, for a ten-week church internship! This quintessential coastal community will not only be a fun place to spend the summer, but it will also be an excellent context to apply my seminary learning. I will even be on my own for two weeks as the ‘pastor’! I am very grateful to our Lord for this opportunity. Additionally, next January I have a short internship in Bonita Springs, Florida, at a 2,000 member church. And finally, God willing and with financial support, I hope to study abroad with a seminarian friend in Jerusalem next spring!

All of this is only possible by the mercies of God and the support I receive from this church. Your prayers, encouragement (thank you for the countless hugs and well-wishes I received when I left!), and financial gifts have heartened me during this journey. I consider all of you my partners in God’s ministry work! So I ask that you prayerfully consider if the Lord is leading you to partner with me through a monthly support of $5, $20, or even $60. Even small monthly gifts add up and they demonstrate to my scholarship advisor that I am building a vital partnership network. Each gift is another brick laid in the foundation upon which God is building my future ministry. I truly believe that your partnership now will not only be matched by the seminary today, but will multiply as I and others take God’s Word to the church of tomorrow. You can give at this secure website https://my.gordonconwell.edu/stewardship/partnershipgiving by listing me as your seminary student (all gifts are tax deductible) or at the church office. Support for the semester in Israel can also be sent to the church noted as such.

Let us remember Paul’s exhortation in Romans

12:1-2 to offer our bodies and our minds as our living sacrifice to God.

Thank you all for your prayers, gifts and love.


Last Published: May 5, 2020 1:06 PM
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