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Habitat For Humanity

Homeward Bound

Dysert Community Center

New Life Center

St. Mary's Kids Cafe

 Local Food Banks

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Stephen Ministry 1
Stephen Ministry
Stephen Ministry at Desert Palms

A Ministry of Compassion and Caring

In the absence of a burning bush

or a blinding light

       or a voice that claims us,

           how does one know for sure

      that it is God who is calling?

Of course the question could be asked:

      How does one know anything for sure?

Perhaps this is where faith comes in

      and hope and love and prayer without ceasing…

I do know that when the hand of God

     is laid on the shoulder of our lives

  somehow we do know,

We are even given the boldness to say,

     “Here am I. Send me.”   (Ann Weems)

Moses wrestled with God's call responding, “Who am I?” He didn't think God's plan was right for him. God’s reply was “I will be with you…”  Is God speaking to you, not through a burning bush, but with the still, small voice that is sometimes easy to ignore? Are you being called into service as a Stephen Minister?

God guided Moses and put words in Moses' mouth, and through the Stephen Ministry training process, led by Pastor Linda and the Stephen Leaders, God can provide you with everything you will need to become a Stephen Minister. After your training, it is recommended that you serve as a Stephen Minister for at least a two-year term. Many of our Stephen Ministers go on to serve much longer. The skills you learn will assist you the rest of your life and will enable you to reach out to those in need and will help you in dealing with and understanding people.

If you are feeling called to serve, please contact Pastor Linda or Stephen Ministry Leaders: Suzanne Burke, Kathe Cochrane, Jan Ettele, Nora Timson, Carole Jean Soine.





Members help others by volunteering for various service opportunities.
DPPC Scholarships
Habitat for Humanity projects
Helping low-income families move toward self-sufficiency
Prayer Shawl Ministry is a program by Presbyterian Women.
Member volunteers tutor students at Nadaburg School.
Desert Palms Mission Committee assists the Hispanic Betania Church in Phoenix
Desert Palms Presbyterian supports numerous state and local mission projects;
Hello friends, church family, and surrogate grandparents:
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