Thanks so much for visiting us online. My name is Jim Crelin. I am the senior pastor at Desert Palms and I work with a terrific associate pastor, Linda Bailey. Desert Palms is located in a retirement community, Sun City West, AZ, and is made up of a group of fun but imperfect people who have been extended immense grace from God.  We are in the process of being changed to live for God by becoming disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to invite others to become Christ-followers as well. We accomplish this by serving people in Sun City West and the surrounding area.

Jesus has called us to be salt and light. We are salt in the many ways we season our community with our ministries. We are light in that we are attempting to guide one another to live lives according to Christ’s teachings.

The Apostle Paul says that the Church is both the foundation and the pillar of God’s truth. This means that the good news of what God has done to save us in Christ is what creates us as a people. We stand on that foundation.  At the same time, we celebrate what God has done for us in Christ. We want to demonstrate the power of God’s good news in our community. Just like a pillar, we want to lift up to the world what God is doing among us. By God's grace we are created by the gospel and for the gospel.

There are many ways you can learn more about the church. On this site you can join us for virtual worship on Sunday mornings or choose a service from our archives. We have many different ways to reach out to our community and world, you can learn more by reviewing our mission page. Our health ministry page provides opportunities to assist in becoming healthy, well-rounded people. You are welcomed to use our Fitness Fun videos at home. We have an extensive music program, so take a moment to check out our music ministry page. Basically, we are a loving and forgiven group of people who are trying to get the gospel clear in our own hearts and minds so we can make it clear to others for the glory of Christ. Linda and I invite you to browse the website. Come check us out on a Sunday online (after COVID we would love to have you join us in person!). We look forward to seeing you!

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