June 2021 Capital Campaign Update

Desert Palms Presbyterian Church
40 Years of Service – Preparing for More
Capital Campaign Update

Our Capital Campaign, “40 Years of Service - Preparing for More,” was launched in September 2020.  This was just prior to our 40th anniversary celebration on November 23, 2020.  During the past 40 years, our church has served as a place of worship and learning, as well as, for meetings, weddings and many other functions – all of which have taken a toll on our facilities. Like us, our church gets older each year and it too starts to show its age. Like our individual homes, church facilities need to be maintained and periodically need to be updated. God has so blessed our church family and our mission.  We want to continue to provide service to our community and our members and to do the work of the Lord throughout the world for many years into the future.

Pledges were requested to be paid over a three-year term.  A list of projects were compiled and prioritized that will update and improve our church campus and operations.  With matching funds from our General Endowment fund, we hoped for pledges of $237,500.  The response from our members and friends was pledges totaling $282,992!  This has allowed us to expand the scope on several projects as well as absorb cost increases above our initial estimates.  Contributions to date are $228,132 with the balance expected over the next 2 years.   

Following is an update on what projects have been completed to date:

  • Replace 240 Chairs in Fellowship Hall
  • Repair Fellowship Hall Roof (section C)      
  • Replace 8 Office Computers and 2 Desktop Printers
  • Replace Office Telephone System
  • Reseal and Re-stripe Main Parking Lot
  • Replace Carpet in Fellowship Hall and Conference Rooms
  • Remodel Fellowship Hall Restrooms
  • Paint, tile and refurbish doors in Fellowship Hall entry
  • Updated lighting in exterior of Fellowship Hall
  • Replace one A/C unit in Fellowship Hall and one in the church office
  • Remodel the Sanctuary (West entrance) Restrooms and entrance
  • Remodel the Chapel entry Restrooms
  • Bee remediation, repairing screens and stucco and painting the church Tower
  • Repair and painting of exterior walls of Fellowship Hall
  • Sound booth computer replacement
  • Repair, reseal, and stripe the West Parking Lot (scheduled to start July 9)
  • Remove and replace the metal roof over Fellowship Hall (scheduled to start mid-September 2021)

We are so thankful for the outpouring of generosity and continued support of our church and its mission:

A friendly beacon of Light and hope in the community


Last Published: July 11, 2021 11:05 AM
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