Scholarship Committee
Scholarship Work Continues


The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on how church business is conducted. The Scholarship Committee has had to adjust its practices to support the high school class of 2020 whose graduation has been cancelled. We were fortunate to have picked up the applications from Peoria, Valley Vista, Dysart and Willow Canyon high schools before they closed in March. 

The seventy-one applications were reproduced for the seventeen members of the committee. In a teleconference and subsequent voting using email, the list was culled to twenty-four, six from each school, for interviews with committee members.

Each committee member installed “Zoom” on their computer and tested it with other committee members. The students to be interviewed did the same.  We are set it conduct interviews with the students starting on April 6.  School counselors have been notified of our plan and they are relieved that we are moving ahead with the program in spite of obstacles.  

As many committee members as possible will sign on at the designated interview time along with the student. Three committee members will ask the questions and the rest will listen and form opinions. 

Once the interviews from a school have been completed, each committee member will rank the students one to six for scholarship consideration.  We will probably eliminate the bottom two and move on to the next school. Once completed for all schools we will figure out how to collate the four lists and make final selections.

Our financial person is now projecting 2020 expenses for continuing students so we can determine how many more to add, somewhere in the eight to twelve range.

New rules require new solutions. Your church members on this committee are committed to helping the young of our community pursue their dreams.   WE CAN DO THIS!!!!


Last Published: May 3, 2020 9:06 PM
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