Scholarship Committee

Thania Gallegos Graduates!


Thania Gallegos graduated from Dysart High School in 2014 and was accepted into Desert Palms’ Scholarship Program that fall, attending Glendale Community College with a goal to become a Registered Nurse. 

Over the past two years she has completed all of the general requirements needed to complete her associate degree to prepare for the final two years of nursing school beginning in the fall of 2017, probably at NAU. In the interim she is working at a retirement home to save money for the next two years and gain practical experience. In a recent letter to Desert Palms summarizing her situation, Thania said “this scholarship has pushed me to limits I never thought I would reach.  The committee always believed in me and was always there to support my every decision. Having a mentor throughout this process definitely made my college experience better. Shelia Frens, my mentor, showed so much love and compassion towards the nursing field.  Throughout my accomplishments, or even my downfalls, she always understood and never doubted my capabilities. She gave me the reassurance that I needed that everything was going to be fine. This whole experience, from the interview to getting to know the committee and Sheila has been nothing but a joyful and pleasant experience that will forever stay in my heart.” 

Thania is the first to attend college from her single parent family which also consists of two sisters. Desert Palms Presbyterian Church provides support to many others just like her who have dreams to improve through education and acquire a marketable skill that will help them through life. We are providing approximately $30,000 of support yearly to our many students. 

Please consider supporting this program by making a financial contribution or volunteering to be a mentor to a student.


Last Published: November 22, 2016 5:47 PM
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