General Endowment Fund Grows with Bashas' Shop-and-Save Program
Dollars spent at Bashas' can benefit DPPC's General Endowment Fund




Bashas’ has a program that rewards shoppers’ charities by returning one percent of your purchases to that charity. Desert Palms has signed up to take part in this program, with the income going to the General Endowment Fund.


All that you need to do to benefit Desert Palms is the next time that you go through the checkout line, ask the clerk to update your personal record with your charity ID, which for Desert Palms is 29488. This only needs to be done once, and from then on all of your purchases will be combined with those of everyone else signed up on the program, and periodically a check for one percent of this total will be sent to the church.


This is not to be taken as an endorsement of Bashas’ or a request to begin shopping there, but it does reward the church for those who already patronize them.


Last Published: January 29, 2010 2:10 PM
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