Desert Palms Endowment Program

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The Desert Palms Birthday/Anniversary fund in honor of Ginny Lawrence, Jerry Sachs and Howard and Lola Field provides an opportunity to recognize life events with a contribution to the long term viability of Desert Palms.  Both Ginny Lawrence (101) and Jerry Sachs (99) are now our oldest man and woman at Desert Palms.


A contribution has been received from Sarah Rivoir to honor her 100th birthday which took place on November 18.  This endowment was created to replace the money given for fresh flowers each week for the Sunday morning worship services.  No contribution is too small, as over time this has grown substantially, mostly because of a healthy US economy. The growth of all of our endowments has been significant, averaging over fourteen  percent a year over the past ten years.  If so inclined, please consider adding to it when life events occur for you or your loved ones.  And a big HAPPY 100TH TO SARAH!!

Current Fund Value:  $36,681





When the staff position of Parish Nurse was created, the church leadership discussed how to help insure that the position would not be subject to elimination when the inevitable budget crunch hit. Since it was a new job which had not had time to demonstrate its importance, elimination always looked like an easy out. That is no longer the case. We have had excellent people filling the job and they have proved that they provide great benefit to our aging congregation.

An endowment was created and invested in the same Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund that was discussed last month. With an average annual rate of return in excess of 8% over the past ten years, this endowment has tripled since the end of 2009.  Of course added contributions have fueled this growth, but with a current value in excess of $60,000 this endowment is a start towards securing permanent safety for the future of this position.

If the Parish Nurse has made a difference in your life, consider a contribution to this endowment. A $5,000 contribution is recognized by adding your name to the plaque outside the Nurse’s office. This job is important to us all, and anything that can be done to assure that future members will also be able to benefit from the Nurse is something that deserves consideration.


Last Published: December 21, 2018 4:50 PM
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