Review of COVID Policy

Review of COVID Policy.  Bruce Lea moved that we adopt changes suggested to the COVID Policy which was originally enacted May 23, 2020.

What will be required?  

Proposed revisions in red.

1. Masks are required to be worn. Lifted for those who have been vaccinated.

2. No singing Lifted and follow the discretion of music director and pastors

3. Accommodate physical distancing, even using multiple services, if necessary. Lifted

4. Seating every-other pew. Markings on pews to indicate where to sit in order to maintain social distancing. Other rooms may be utilized such as Fellowship Hall when sanctuary is full. Lifted

5. Doors remain open or opened by gloved volunteers stationed at all doors.  Lifted

6. Continue virtual worship as an alternative offering for worship. When worship returns to in-person, those without virtual access should have first access to the sanctuary. Continue

7. Strip down the pews and kiosks: remove Bibles, hymnbooks, registration pads, devotionals and brochures. Lift and Replace

8. Baptisms, soloists and small group singing, weddings and funerals will be allowed with the guidelines in this policy being used.  At discretion of music director and pastors

What is going to be different for now?

1. Numbers of people in each service will be limited based on social distancing and seating capacity. Lifted

2. Seating may be assigned or designated to help keep people physically distant.  Lifted

3. Greetings with handshakes and hugs are not acceptable. Lifted

4. Offerings will be received at conclusion of worship in boxes by exits. Continue and then replace when usher teams are reconstituted

5. No hymnals, bulletins or paper products. Lifted Replace as possible

6. Communion plates will not be passed.  Return to normal when teams are reconstituted

7. Planned traffic flow for entering and exiting. Seating by greeter/usher. Front of sanctuary filled first front to the back. When exiting dismissed from back of sanctuary first.  Lifted

What about communion?

1. No passing communion plates.  Lifted but implemented when possible

2. Bread and cup that are broken and poured are symbolic only, not used to serve the people.

3. Communion servers provide individual pieces of bread while wearing gloves. Continued

4. The cup is given with the small, individualized, plastic cups.   Continued when necessary

5. Virtual communion may be continued and is a viable option.  Continue

Music MinistryAll left up to the discretion of Music Director and pastors

1. Begin with solos or married couple / partners duets.

2. Introduce quartets and small ensembles that allow for social distancing as appropriate.

3. Have larger groups of singers stand around the sanctuary, while remaining socially distant (i.e. standing near a pew that is roped off).

Ushers and Greeters

1. Adopt the Walmart strategy: greeters do not shake hands, ever. For unvaccinated

2. Practice social distancing!  For unvaccinated

3. Bulletins are not used and so not distributed.  Lifted eventually

4. No offering plates to be used.  Lifted eventually

5. Those handling money must wear gloves. Continue

6. Intensify promotion of contactless giving.   Continue

Office and Meetings

  1. Masks are optional
  2. Food and drink can be served
  3. Unvaccinated encouraged to wear a mask
  4. Practice social distancing … six feet whether standing or sitting around tables
  5. Wash hands regularly or use hand sanitizer
  6. Do not participate if feeling ill

Each person must make the decision of what is best for themselves and their families.
Stay home if:

1. You are feeling sick or have a fever.

2. You have a sick family member at home or have been recently exposed to someone who may be sick.

3. You are a primary caretaker of a vulnerable person.

4. You have been traveling or in large crowds.

5. You are at risk because of preexisting conditions or age.

6. Unwilling to comply with wearing a mask.

Cease and safe for the future the protocols/policy enacted by Session on May 23, 2020

Reinstate protocols/policy enacted by Session on May 23, 2020 if a COVID 19 or variant spike returns


Last Published: June 1, 2021 7:18 PM
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