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Create a “Take Care of Me Plan”

for the Holiday Season

“I have so many social events to attend”

“I have to travel to see my family but that makes me anxious”

The holiday season is a time of fun and excitement for many but it can also create a time of stress. Do you have a plan to empower yourself to enjoy the holiday season and prayerfully pause and reflect on Christ’s coming? I would encourage you to think about your plan. By planning ahead, you can have tools ready when anxiety and stress creep into your life.

Below I have shared a few ideas that you may want to consider adding to your holiday season.

1. Choose Healthy Nutrition

· Always eat breakfast. Studies show that those who eat breakfast eat fewer calories in a day.

· When at a holiday party, choose vegetables and protein first. Consider eating the sweet treats last. Always put your food on a plate. Be mindful of what you are eating and take time to savor each bite. Take your time when you eat, it takes a few minutes for you to feel full after eating.

2. Inspiration for Your Health, Scripture Cards for Advent and Christmas

Discover ways to reflect on Christ’s coming. The Church Health Center has created Inspiration for your Health, Scripture Cards for Advent and Christmas. The cards have Christmas scripture texts with reflection questions. I will have these Scripture cards available in my office and at the Health Ministry table on Sundays. Stop by and pick up all six or just one of the cards.

3. Gratitude/Presence Gift Jar


Tammy Devine, Deacon at the ELCA National Office shares an idea to use to be present in the moment, A Gratitude Jar Activity. Tammy suggests that you find a clear container — preferably a jar.  Then print the daily activities guide to guide your journey, The Presence Jar PDF 68KB or pick up the activity suggestions from me at my office or at the Health Ministry table on Sunday. You can also create your own activities and put them in the jar.  Every day in December, draw an activity to focus on. Add this practice to your personal devotion practice.

4. Deep Breathing Practice

Stress can cause our heart rate to increase and breathing becomes more shallow and rapid. Reverse that process by taking a few deep breaths in through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth. Imagine you are blowing out a candle. 

May your December be a peaceful and joyful time as you await the birth of the Christ child.





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Last Published: December 6, 2019 10:08 AM
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