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Faith Community Nurse


Mary Nordtvedt

From Your Faith Community Nurse ...

May is National Stroke Awareness Month.



It is a great time to learn or review the warning signs of a stroke.


A stroke could happen in your neighborhood, at church, at a store — anywhere. Being ready to spot stroke warning signs and call 911 could save a life or make the difference between a full recovery and long-term disability. Learning the warning signs using F.A.S.T will help you remember the signs.


¨ F.A.S.T.

¨ F: Face Drooping

¨ A: Arm Weakness

¨ S: Speech Difficulty

¨ T: Time to Call 911


The faster a stroke is treated, the more likely the patient is to recover.


According to the American Heart Association, stroke patients who are treated with the clot-busting drug IV r-tPA Alteplase within 90 minutes of their ?rst symptoms were almost three times more likely to recover with little or no disability. In some cases, a procedure to remove the clot causing the stroke is also recommended. Ninety-one percent of stroke patients who were treated with a stent retriever within 150 minutes of ?rst symptoms recovered with little or no disability. Stroke is largely treatable if treated quickly.


I will have FAST flyers for you available at the Health Ministry table.






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Last Published: May 25, 2019 5:00 PM
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