Life Care Planning
 Life Care Planning is a very important necessary task for all of us, regardless of age, as the unfortunate Florida case of Terry Schiavo showed us. Fortunately, the law in Arizona, and most States, allows each of us while we are competent to legally record how we want to be treated in the very probable situation where we are no longer able to direct treatment ourselves.
The Office of Arizona Attorney General has now made the task of preparing legal Life Care Planning forms accessible to everyone and without the expense of a lawyer. The Office has available a Life Care Planning Packet that includes the legal forms to fill out and sign for all that is needed for you to plan properly. These forms include: 
Living Will: you state your desires as to comfort care, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, Durable artificial ventilation, artificial foods, and fluids.
Durable Health Care Power of Attorney: you select who you want to carry out your wishes in your Living Will and make decisions for you.
Mental Health Care Power of Attorney: where you select who you want to give the right to have you given appropriate mental health care though you are physically well.
Letter to My Agent: a letter to those selected explaining everything.
Do Not Resuscitate: this is not to be filled out unless you are known to be terminally ill, are still competent, and want no resuscitation.
State Registry Information: when the first four forms are completed they can be sent to the State where they will be scanned and permanently securely stored on the internet for retrieval through a file # and password supplied to you on a card to be carried at all times. 
These packets and a wonderful explanatory DVD are available through the Attorney Generals Office at 602-542-2123.
Last Published: February 21, 2008 2:45 AM
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