Care Ministry

Caregivers Group

Is a support group for those who are caregivers for loved ones and meets the first Monday of each month from 1 - 2:30 p.m.

This group is expressly designed for people caring for others, regardless of whether the care recipient is in the home, a facility, or even at a long distance.

Caregiving is both a blessing and a burden. If you are caring for others in your home, at a facility, for a neighbor, or a loved one that lives far away, please join our Caregiver Support Group. This group offers a warm and caring time where you can share your story, find new ideas and resources, and receive support.

ZOOM Caregiver Support Group:
Monday, June 20, at 11:00 a.m.
Questions, call the Church Office at 623-584-4602.


Low Vision Resource Gathering

Meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. Facilitated by Diane Shapiro and Sylvia Huntsman.
We are taking a break for June and July. The next meeting will be in August.

This group is for anyone living with a vision challenge. Many in the group live with macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other vision loss issues. It is a time to learn of resources and support and care for each other. This gathering offers you an opportunity to share your story, challenges and resources.

Questions? Call the Church Office at 623-584-4602.

Grief and Growth Group

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

We each experience grief in our own way. Although we know the classic emotional stages, we each journey down that road in different ways. At times we find ourselves spinning with a jumble of emotions inside.

When someone we love is dealing with grief, we want to help but we don’t always know how. Oftentimes we search for answers, trying to make sense of the pain that someone else is experiencing. But what is most needed is for us to practice the same kind of “God with us” ministry that Jesus lived. Simply being present with someone is the most helpful thing.

At designated times of the year, the Grief and Growth group meets in the Conference Room on Wednesday mornings from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for an informal time of fellowship and sharing. Pastor Linda serves as facilitator of the group.

Meeting with others who are suffering a loss and simply sharing the experience in a supportive setting can have a healing effect. It’s reassuring to learn that other people are struggling with some of the same issues or feelings as you. Each time you share your story, you release some of the pain. Each time you share your story, you will discover a new insight.

It has been said that grief is like a ladder we climb, up and down, down and up. In God’s wisdom, it is flexible and sturdy, supporting us with each step we take. It is in times of sharing that the Spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who care and reach out in extraordinary ways.

For more information about the Grief and Growth Group contact the church office.


The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies and sound judgment should be chosen for this office. (see 1 Timothy 3:8–13)

It is the duty of deacons, first of all, to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith. They shall assume such other duties as may be delegated to them from time to time by the session, such as leading the people in worship through prayers of intercession, reading the Scriptures, presenting the gifts of the people, and assisting with the Lord’s Supper. (Book of Order, G-6.0401–02)

Deacon Ministry at Desert Palms

Helping to create a friendly beacon of hope and light to the Desert Palms community through sympathy, witness and service is what the Deacons are all about. Through our committees, Communion, Congregational Life, and Care and Support, each deacon has an assignment for service. The Deacon Care Program is the primary focus of each of the deacons at Desert Palms; to provide opportunities for sharing joys and concerns, and to provide hope and care when needs arise, deacons are involved almost daily with parishioner’ concerns. When asked what they enjoy most about serving as a deacon, most deacons say that getting to know people on their deacon care list is the best part.

By Sherry Blackman | Presbyterians Today - May 1, 2020

Since the early church, the office of deacon has been an integral part of ministry, with men and women called to care for the needs of the faith community. In the Book of Acts, Stephen was among the first of seven deacons appointed by the elders to alleviate the burgeoning care of widows and orphans. With the appointment of these deacons — which comes from the Greek word diakonos, which means “servant” — the elders were then able to focus on preaching and teaching. (See Acts 6:1–6)

Stephen Ministry

stephen-ministry-logoProvides one-on-one lay ministry in a confidential, compassionate, Christian manner to anyone who is hurting. Class leaders, facilitators and support groups meet the first Tuesday of each month. Please speak to Pastor Linda if you have interest becoming a Stephen Minister.

Stephen Ministry began in 1975 when the Rev. Kenneth C. Haugk, Ph.D., a pastor and clinical psychologist, trained nine members of his congregation in St. Louis to be Stephen Ministers. They assisted him in providing Christian care and support to people in the congregation and community who were experiencing life difficulties. These trained caregivers were so enthused about their ministry that they encouraged Dr. Haugk to offer Stephen Ministry to more congregations. Today, more than 12,000 congregations, from 160 Christian denominations are involved. They are located in the U.S., Canada, and 24 other countries.

In 1990, when Adele Schrag became aware of this program, she was inspired by the concept and brought it to the attention of Pastor Jim Hagelganz. With his support and encouragement, she started Stephen Ministry at Desert Palms through a memorial fund for her husband, Bill Schrag. The first Stephen Leaders, Adele Schrag, Carol and Bob Johanson, Marianne Ohlson and Ed Hanson, initiated recruitment, training classes and Pastor Stan Burtless was the first Pastoral Advisor to the program.

Today, Stephen Ministry continues to be an important ministry at Desert Palms. You could say that Stephen Ministry is God’s Love in action through the dedicated work of Stephen Ministers who have been carefully trained in bringing Christ’s love to people in need. They are ready to listen, share, and support you as you face a difficult decision.

For more information, please contact Pastor Linda or Suzanne Burke, Kathe Cochrane, Jan Ettele, Nora Timson or Carole Jean Soine.

Learn more here.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

The members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry at Desert Palms are so honored to share shawls and pocket squares with our members, family and friends. As each shawl is created the person making it offers prayers for the one to whom it will be given. When the shawls are distributed the person receiving the shawl knows that they have been wrapped in the love of God through prayers of Desert Palms members.

In addition to shawls and pocket squares, this ministry supports local hospitals with baby caps and blankets. Our veterans who have served our country faithfully should never be forgotten and thus when possible veteran’s receive shawls while family members receive shawls in memory of Fallen Soldiers.

Knitting shawls while offering blessings from our loving hearts is a calling that fully completes the circle of our love for family and friends of Desert Palms.

“Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Angel Bees

There’s a new quilting group called “Angel Bees”! They are an “arm” of the current Quilting Group, but we do something different in a different way! We look for sewers to help create small quilts for the children. We work on projects such as making a children’s quilt for each of the names on our Angel Tree for the Salvation Army at Christmas time. We have several other children projects as we find the need. We have been making masks during this pandemic period and just ask for a donation.

Our group meets on the second Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.

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“Quilting Group” generally brings to mind the picture of ladies hand sewing quilts with small stitches in straight lines or curves, joining together a top layer, batting middle, and a bottom layer. For many, the small stitch, hand sewing aspect can be daunting. Our Quilting Group ladies do not use this method. We layer our quilts as stated above, but instead of the hand stitching, we simply use colored yarn to tie a square knot in each patchwork square, leaving short tails of the yarn before cutting it and going on to the next square. This method is easy, fast, and results in a charming finish to our quilts. It is this activity that keeps us busy on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 9:00 - 12:30 p.m. including a coffee/rest break at 10:30 a.m. We love the time when we can all be together working on our quilts for Mingus Mountain.

Even though we have participants for hands-on, we can always use additional help with our tying of square knots and welcome visitors to join us. We invite anyone who would be interested to see our work, to stop in for a visit. Our quilting group meets on the first and third Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We meet in Fellowship Hall all year. We take a break for snacks and fellowship.

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