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Capital Campaign
DPPC is celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2020... Click the title link to read the full Capital Campaign article!

Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign was approved at the January Annual Meeting Part 2 as well as by Session. We prepared a brochure with an explanation of all the projects to be included with a brief explanation and cost estimate by year for the next three years. With the closing of the church due to COVID-19 risks, the Capital Campaign was placed on hold.

The needs prioritized for the Capital Campaign continue due to the 40 year age of our campus. The campaign plan was to ask for your financial commitment to be paid over the next three year time period with matching gifts from our General Endowment Fund. The Session made the decision to move forward with selected projects from our 2020 prioritized list that just can’t be deferred any further. Your support would be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide funding to any of the specific projects or Capital Campaign in general to fund projects as needed.

The following is an update on those top 10 projects.

1 Replace 240 Chairs in Fellowship Hall; $12,000

Proposed replacement chair (on display in Fellowship Hall) has 19” wide seat with 3” cushion and wider foam back. Chair is stackable, easy to move and will have commercial grade moisture barrier fabric. 

Completed. All replacement chairs received. If you wish to donate toward chairs, the cost per chair is $50.

2 Repair Fellowship Hall Roof (section C); $12,000+

There are multiple leaks in this section of the Fellowship Hall roof.  We need to strip the current roof to find & repair the leaks and then apply fresh roofing materials. 

We continue to have water leaks when it rains and have discovered drainage issues as well as re-coating of roofing materials. Several quotes are in process and a vendor selection will take place soon.

3 Replace 8 Office Computers and 2 Desktop Printers; $ 8,500

Current computers are running Windows 7 which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Need to replace all with new models to assure all computers in the church operate well together. 

Three additional replacement computers remain.   Multiple computers and 2 printers have been installed.

4 Remodel Fellowship Hall Restrooms; $25,000

Restrooms need a substantial remodel to improve the impression they have on both members and visitors. Toilets, stall dividers, tile, sinks and faucets will be replaced and walls repainted. 

Now is the perfect time to accomplish this much needed remodeling. The vendors are being contacted now in order to finalize the pricing and timing for this work.

5 Replace Telephone System; $20,000

Our 16-year-old telephone system is no longer supported by the original vendor and is not reliable. Messages are sometimes “lost” and do not get timely response from staff.  Multiple system failures have now occurred. 

A purchase order has been approved to move forward with the installation, training, and programming of a new telephone system.  Installation should be completed by the end of July.

6 Reseal Main Parking Lot; $9,000

All parking surfaces are worn, but this is the worst area needing to be resealed first. 

Several quotes have been received and the Property Committee will finalize selection this month. Work will be completed this Summer.

7 Replace 4 Air Conditioners in Main Church Building; $30,000

We will need to replace 16 air conditioners over the next four years to convert to environmentally friendly coolant and conform to new laws. Plan is to replace four each year. 

Have adopted a “replace when fails” approach at the moment. But once we receive sufficient Capital Campaign contributions, we will begin replacements.

8 Upgrade Video / Sound Booth Computer & Cameras; $ 2,000

The “new” sound system in our sanctuary replaced speakers and wiring, but utilized existing components in the sound booth and elsewhere whenever possible. These weak links need to be replaced to achieve better function of the overall system. 

Most of the component replacements are now in place. There will be a few additional needs, but the components are currently working well.

9 Replace Carpet in Fellowship Hall; $40,000

Despite repeated cleaning of this carpet (2-3 times per year), not all stains can be removed. and several areas are damaged beyond repair. The Property Committee is debating carpet squares (more expensive but easier to replace) versus rolled carpet. The above cost is based on rolled carpet. 

Cost estimates will be updated in the near future. Due to the expected cost, we may need to place this on hold until Capital Campaign donations are received.

10 Paint Church Tower and Kool Deck areas; $27,000

The church tower has not been painted since 2010.  It is a difficult and expensive task but can no longer be postponed. The Kool Decking (walkways) also are past due to be painted. 

Patch work repairs have been completed to the Kool Deck areas that were cracked and eroded. Bees have invaded the tower again this year, so shifted immediate efforts to eradicating the bees and closing up all areas where the bees enter the tower. Once that is completed we will move forward with painting. 

Last Published: July 2, 2020 12:04 PM
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