Message from Linda
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Message from Linda


Planting the Seeds


During this past week, the cooler evening temperatures have begun to return, and my night blooming Cereus has been celebrating by blooming each night. It is always such a joy to go out into my backyard and gaze at those beautiful white trumpet blooms that last for only a night. Each fall, as an act of faith, I plant bulbs and seeds in my garden. For me, it is a way of participating in the ongoing creation. For by digging, weeding, planting and pruning, we encourage new life to flourish.


Working in the garden is for me a time of Sabbath--of resting in God. As I plant, I remember verses of Scripture that have helped me grow. Each bulb or seed becomes a prayer. Every bulb or seed might not grow; we may never see the full harvest from which we have sown. But that should not discourage us from planting.


Jesus talks of our lives as being seed. Our lives produce something of real value only when we share what we have. We contribute a little here and there, until before long we are giving in a variety of ways. As we do, and as those seeds are planted, there are opportunities for new things to come to life. We may never see the fruit, but we have planted the seed.


Desert Palms is a place of dreams and hope. We hear God’s call and we see what “could be” looks like. God shows us the potential. Jesus gives us the seed and the Holy Spirit works beside us as we plant. Just as the seeds of God’s Word have rooted and grown in us, we plant the seeds in others and then water and nurture their growth.


An unseen dynamic happens when people come together because of Jesus Christ. If Desert Palms were not here, we would not have a group that gathers to make quilts or prayer shawls, we would not have groups gathering to rehearse anthems for Sunday morning or to discuss life issues in Bible study.


Our church has many opportunities that create a fellowship that provides everyone with the power for living. Although there are opportunities outside the church to experience fellowship, the church offers this experience as though we were branches that need to stay connected to the vine of God.


When we come together in worship, we recharge our spiritual batteries, but the real source of strength comes from serving as an Elder or Deacon, becoming a part of the choir, Turkey Day, Stephen Ministry, a mission project, the Men of the Church, Presbyterian Women, a Bible study, Habitat for Humanity--and the list goes on and on.



The miracle present at Desert Palms is that few of us ever take for granted what we experience here. Through what each of you contributes in your time and talents and in your giving, your faith is made visible. It has been said that where there is no vision people perish. Where there is vision, people from all walks of life have the opportunity to plant seeds, to blend their abilities and financial resources, and as they do they produce a substantial magnet that attracts others to become part of a process that Jesus said would change the world.


Blessings and peace,

Linda Bailey, Associate Pastor


Last Published: October 11, 2019 1:36 PM
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