Gatherings: January 13, March 10 and June 9, 2019
From the Pastor
Message from Jim
Message from Pastor Jim



From Pastor Jim

Do you remember the song we sang to teach children about Abraham? “Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham …” We wanted our children to know one of the great figures in the Old Testament. Do you remember the Bible story of Abram (this name meant “the father of”) who later became Abraham (this name meant “the father of many”)?  The account begins in Genesis 12. Abram is 75 years old. He has lived in this particular town all his life. Successful in his career, he has a nice life, a nice family and he knows everyone in town. It would be accurate to say that Abram is comfortable!

In the midst of his comfortable life, God comes to him and says, “Abram, I want you to leave your hometown and I want you to travel to this land that I’m going to show you.” (Destination unknown!) God didn’t even reveal the name of the town--God simply instructed Abram to get moving. The Bible says that THE NEXT DAY, Abram loaded up all of his possessions and his family and those who worked for him and moved. It is quite a remarkable story of Abram’s obedience. Think about it, of all the world events that could be told in the Bible, this one is included. Why?  Could it be that certain stories are included in the Bible because they so vividly teach us spiritual truth?

The lesson that God seems to teach us here is this. The blessings of God always follow obedience. Let me say that one more time … the blessings of God always follow obedience. In other words, we obey first, then we’re blessed.

I know some of you are thinking… “If God would simply let me win the lottery, then I would be more generous.” But it doesn’t work that way. Some may be thinking, “If God would give me some financial blessings, then I would put into practice what God says to do in His Word.” Again, that’s not how it works.

The truth is that God expects us to obey His Word, even when it’s challenging, even when it’s hard to do, even when it makes us uncomfortable. That’s how Christianity and faith works. Abraham went on to become the father of a great nation--the Jewish people. He was famous, blessed and important. God blessed him with a family. In fact, the Bible says that all the people on the earth would be blessed through Abraham. But none of that happened until after Abraham obeyed.

One of the big reasons we give of our time, talents, resources and ourselves is to obey God. We give generously because that’s what the Bible teaches. Even if it makes us uncomfortable, we want to be obedient to God. The blessings of God will follow our obedience of God. God loves a cheerful giver! God has modeled for us how to be sacrificial givers. God gives us the honor of being a part of the building of His kingdom. That kingdom building is taking place daily at Desert Palms. People here want to serve God well and they regularly respond to needs that suddenly arise. May God bless each and every one of you as you are a blessing to others.




Last Published: February 8, 2019 9:52 AM
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