Montlure Camp Mission Trip 2009
Desert Palms volunteers helped to prepare Montlure Camp for young summer campers.

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Picture yourself loading your car with food, sleeping bags, dominos, jackets and jeans. Driving five and a half hours to 8500 feet in the White Mountains near Greer, Arizona to Montlure Presbyterian Church Camp. Feeling "heavy" from the altitude, sleeping on not the greatest mattresses, eating delicious food, getting to know the other campers, working some muscles you didn't know you had, and feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment!

That is what 14 of us from Desert Palms did from Sunday, April 26 to Friday, May 1. A commercial sink was installed, pine needles were raked, cabins were cleaned and checked for equipment, a stair landing was built, a log splitter was used, a wood bridge was built and another torn out. A commercial kitchen and all its parts and equipment and dishes were cleaned, 12 ceiling fixtures were installed, doors were painted, GFI's were added, curtains were washed and ironed, every electrical outlet in the whole camp was checked, and window screens were replaced. Receptacles that had no ground were repaired, an office was organized, windows washed, hikes taken, a closet door was repositioned, Mexican Train dominos was played, puzzles were put together, quizzes were taken, meals consumed, devotions and prayers given, dogs petted, laughter was heard, and God's presence felt.

Kristy, the camp director said each person was a blessing to the ministry of the camp; and we have a tremendous work ethic and take ownership of the jobs to be completed. We all felt we made a contribution and a difference. A special thanks to Ken and Phil for their expertise. Another thanks to the Presbyterian Women, the Craft Group and to Dick and  Melanie Houser for their financial support.

The campers were: Barbara Blunk, Pat Kincaid, Phil & Carol Main, Norm & Avis Metz, Colleen Petersen, Duane Peterson, Bob & Norma Seerley, Dick & Caryl Ann Walker, and Ken & Glema Weaver.

If you would like to be a part of this mission experience next year, mark your calendars for Sunday, April 25 to Friday, April 30. I will be happy to assist the next camp leader.


See you next year!

—Pat Kincaid


Last Published: April 12, 2013 2:55 PM
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