Adult Bible School

Coming June 2021

We are working to prepare for 2021. We will have it posted here as soon as we resolve the plans.

June 2020

Virtual Adult Bible School took place June 8-11, 2020. We were very excited to continue the tradition even during this time of COVID-19 awareness and social distancing.

Our speaker this year was Benjamin Crelin, Jim and Cathy’s younger son. Ben is a recent seminary graduate currently completing his final Master’s in preaching at the University of Edinburgh. Ben is married to Hope (two years as of June 2), who is currently working remotely for Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Due to COVID-19, they have returned to the States until this fall, when they will move back to Cambridge for Hope to begin a PhD in Theology at the University of Cambridge. Ben enjoys racquetball and pickleball, reading novels and epics (especially The Lord of the Rings) and playing strategy games.

The theme for this year’s Adult Bible School was “Gospel Basics in Complicated Times.” We explored the relevancy and power of the Gospel for enabling lives of discipleship even in the midst of complicated times. We learned what’s wrong with the world, what the Bible has to say, and how to practically apply the Good News to ourselves.

Enjoy these videos, we'll see you at ABS June 2021.

"Homework" reading for Tuesday: Exodus 32 and Ezekiel 14:1-11
Questions from Tim Keller to help reveal our idols. Click here to view the questions in a PDF you can print.

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